The rules are available on the FISI website in Italian.:    Art 10 – FISI Sci alpinismo

(ISMF rules in English can be consulted on the ISMF website, they are not 100% the same as Italian rules however)

Considering the terrain and conditions in which the race takes place, the organisers decline all responsibility towards third parties.

All athletes must have the appropriate membership of their national federation and an up to date medical certificate that states the athlete is fit to participate.

Full details of the race – heights, routes, maps etc is available on the website

International Race – 30km, 3200m, both in ascent and descent

The maximum time for the team race is 7 hours and 30 mins. Any teams crossing the line after this time will be considered ‘non-arrivals’.

For technical information about the race:; tel: (+39) 347 4984894