Planimetry and Altimetry

2000 D+ – 15 KM

Departure from Malga Tolvà on foot. Take a short stretch of forest road towards Forcella Regana, and then turn left to go up the slopes towards Forcella del Passetto, on a technical and regular track, to then take the last couloir that leads to Cima della Banca.

A descent takes you towards the lake of Cima d’Asta, to then tackle the climb towards the 2847 m summit, via the sharp, technical and exposed West ridge. From here you descend towards the “Orti di Regana” up to an altitude of about 2400 m. From here we start uphill again towards Forzeleta, a short ascent with skis on the rucksack and descent towards the entrance to the Canalon.

Brief ascent towards Bocchetta dei Sassi and then proceed downhill with a long traverse which will lead to the last descent towards “Piani di sopra di Tolvà” and then to the finish.