Race History

2022…a turning point. After two years of postponements due to Covid-19 we are finally here

For the first time in the history of the Scialpinistica Cima d’Asta, we will face a new, extreme, track with major difficulties to celebrate an important anniversary: our 30th edition!.

In order to understand what took the organizing commitee to such a decision, we have to take a step back to the very beginning of this competition, back to 1987.

We talked to the founder of the Race, Mountain Guide Franco Melchiori. Born in the shadow of the Cima d’Asta (“the Queen, as he uses to name it), he created this race as a memorial for his friends Egidio Battisti and Lino Vesco, two strong alpinists who died on the Cima d’Asta.

So, with a group of friends and collagues, he made the Scialpinistica reality.

It was a very different race compared to what young generations are used to. It was a competition in the “rally” formula: a team race, with only some parts of the track timed, basically without assistance along the track. Teams were equipped with heavy backpacks, wood skies with steel bindings and bulky boots, and just finishing the race was a proper alpine undertaking, along wild valleys and ridges of the Cima d’Asta massif.

With the years, the race grew more and more, thank to its beautiful tracks and views, and in 1997 the race took part to the circuit “Coppa delle Dolomiti”, the most important group of skimo events back then.

Thanks to the constant effort of the organizing commitee and the possibilities that the Lagorai and Cima d’Asta group offers, the Scialpinistica Cima d’Asta in the 2000s began to have a more international spirit, becoming part of the Campionato Italiano, final of the Coppa Italia (Italian national championships), until becoming a race of the European Championship in 2003

The growth did not end there, and in 2006 the race becomes Final of the World Chamopionship, honour that will repeat in 2008 as well, recognizing the beauty of the race and the effort of the Organizing Commitee

But years passed by, and old glories left the stage for younger generations of athletes, with a completely different idea of ski mountaineering.

But our Scialpinistica adapted, without losing the true alpine spirit that makes our passion unique.

So, back to the present, the Scialpinistica Lagorai Cima d’Asta bacame again and again part of Coppa Italia, Campionato Italiano and Campionato Trentino, local and national championships.

This year, we want to change, and make the Lagorai Cima d’Asta Extreme a even more unique race.  Join this change with us, join history: we look forward to see you on the Cima d’Asta!!